Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Program

Women empowerment is need to today. We are in 21 century still women don't have equal rights as men have. Although, mostly in urban area they are enjoying equal opportunities in all fields, but in rural area women are still act as home maker. Women representing half of our society, their full contribution can change picture of our society. A well-educated woman can build good society by teaching good values and better home education.
Liberty to do anything by their own ways may not be good, but women empowerment in right direction can make better society for all. Many people complaining about women empowerment concept. According to them empowered women are not able to retain good relationships, not able to give proper time to family, not able to respect others, not able to behave properly, not able to keep patience for long time, not able to educate child properly. But these problems are not due to women empowerment, whereas it is due to wrong direction of women empowerment.
Some women have concept that they can do anything or can speak in any language or can disobey any person on the name of women empowerment. This is definitely wrong concept. Women empowerment means get equal opportunities with equal responsibilities. Greater power comes with greater responsibilities.
Bhor Kiran empowering women by giving quality education and quality training, so that women can contribute with her full capacity along with full responsibility.