Donation to NGO Bhor Kiran for Humanitarian Cause

Donation to NGO Bhor Kiran

Donation to NGO Bhor Kiran

Blood Donation

Blood donation is a novel cause. It rejuvenate our body and give live to needy person. Any person can donate blood after every 3 months. Bhor Kiran organising blood donation camps time to time. Register online or contact us to register as blood doner. Both paid and free donation option available.

Important Body Part Donation

Many person need eyes, kidney, lungs, liver or even skin to save their life. By donating important body part we can provide new hope to many. Register online or contact us for donating your body parts.

Medicine Donation

Health expenses are increasing day by day. More than 60% person are not able to buy expensive medicine. Together we can provide our little help to empower them to take proper treatment.

Food Donation

What is the price of food? Ask from hungry person. Able families can feed one person every week or at least once in a month. Bhor Kiran distributing food, you can donate one plate food to have nots.

Cloth Donation

Almost after every six months we are retiring some of our cloths. They are not usefull for us but for many it is like a gift. Most of time we donate to our workers working in our home. Why donate to same person every time. Now you can extened your donation to others also. Bhor Kiran will collect cloths from you and will distribute among needy person.

Brick Donation

Brick can make factories, palace, monuments, but for poor person it can make a home, school, home shelter or even hospital. Bhor Kiran committed to build these. Donate one or few bricks for this novel cause.

Plant Donation

Environment pollution is greatest problem now a days and its gravity increase day by day. Plant refreshing our environment. Whatever oxygen we are taking is provided mainly by plants. Build your own oxygen plant by roping a plant with Bhor Kiran. Donate one plant Bhor Kiran will plant in appropriate place for you.

Books Donation

Education is the only way to change life of any person. We can find many person which can not buy book. We can donate book to these person. Bhor Kiran provide bridge between provider and receiver. Donate useless school, college, competition books for children's and novel and magazines for community library.

Money Donation

Do not want donate for one cause, then donate money through via transfer-

Beneficiary Name : Bhor Kiran
Bank Name : Bank of Baroda
Bank Branch : Aliganj, Lucknow, UP, India
Account Number : 19020100022688
IFSC Code : BARB0LUCALI (Fifth character is zero)