Save Water

Save Water Program

Water is life, its precious. Without water we cannot survive. Although 70% of earth is covered by water, but only 1% is sweet water, which can be used for drinking and irrigation. Source of sweet water are rivers, lake, ponds, and underground water. Sources of sweet water are depleting day by day. Many ponds and lakes are already dried up. Rivers are going to extinct. Ground water level is going deeper and deeper day after day. Excessive extraction of ground water, deforestation and high population are the main cause of these changes in last 30 years. Problem can grow bigger in another 30 years. Bhor Kiran is trying to solve problem through water conservation, plantation, rain water harvesting and by educating people to use water saving irrigation techniques. Population is another big cause for water scarcity. Earth is not able to sustain 7 billion humans. We need to reduce it under 2 billion. Bhor Kiran educating society to control population for better future.