Poverty Eradication

Poverty Eradication Program

poverty neither good for the person nor for the nation. The more poor people we have in society the more we need to pay more tax to support them. But it not means we can ignore poor people. Even if we ignore them, they are liability on nation or you can say they are liability on us.

Mostly poor people are dependent on government for their day to day requirement. In India, government expending lakhs of crore on humanitarian work like distributing free food, house, electric, water and many more. Money for all these works is generally paid by middle class and business class. Instead of paying poor every time for their food, we can empower them, so that they can earn their own bread as well as able to contribute in national building.

Bhor Kiran running programmes for poverty eradication which include quality education and skill development. only little contribution needs to Empower poor instead of paying them lifelong. Nowadays average life of an Indian is about 70 years. A child can start earning bread after getting 15-20 years education. Means, if a person spend money on education of a child for 15 years, he can save his tax for another 55 years which is needed for food and other requirement of that child.

Educating society is work of government but if their efforts are not enough we need to do something from our side to save our children from paying for these poor people.