Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Program

Animal have same right to live on earth as we have. Presently we are cutting forest for our houses and industries, but because of it place for animals are decreasing day by day. Sometime we got news of wild animals' attacks in urban areas. This is due to depleting area of forest and increasing number of stray animals around our home.

In rural area, too many cows and 'Neel Gaye' are damaging crops and inviting wild animals to visit village areas. Secondly, villagers fencing fields with wires, which causes injuries to stray animals.

Bhor Kiran is continuously doing effort to save stray animals as well as protecting villager's crop. In this line Bhor Kiran developing Gausala in villages. Individual and companies can support for this noble cause. Together we can give better live to villagers as well as to stray animals.